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Applying to grad school

Jun 23, 2018

I have spent a lot of time applying to grad schools, here are some useful things that I found during my search.

School Selection

Ways to find schools:

The Math GRE Forum is a good resource for estimating the relative competetiveness of schools. More data is also available from the Grad Cafe.

Another thing that you might want to keep in mind is that different countries distribute grant money in different ways. For example, the NSERC award list shows that almost every Canadian professor holds a yearly discovery grant, while the grants on the NSF award list tend to be larger and more sparsely distributed.

The Math Subject GRE

Unfortunately the subject GRE is required to apply to US grad schools. A score of 80th percentile or better is generally considered optimal in that schools don’t tend to differentiate between GRE scores beyond that point. Good resources to study for the test are the Princeton Review book and the available practice tests.